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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2012|07:41 pm]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]

Super-Mario Party

- with Live-Action and Poptrash-Music -

I`m sorry, but I was too busy last week, finally here you can see the most epic photos of my birthday-party bash. Of course I really wanted to upload a few videos of this evening, but I think the most of my friends wouldn`t be so cheerful with this, but maybe I will do a random clip complication once, because there are so many crazy and funny videos I filmed on partys/events, which I have to show. But firstly have fun with these photos:

Here we goCollapse )

At least I really have to say thank you to everybody, who attend on my first Poptrash-Party. It was so much fun, also if many things weren`t perfect and some people annoyed me at this evening.
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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2012|09:08 pm]
[Current Mood |rejuvenatedrejuvenated]

22 years of myself now!

Another year has passed and I get older and older, but not even more grow-up. I think I will eternally stay childish, also if I will be 50 years old.

Well my Birthday was much fun indeed. I`ve planned to travel with Eeendy to Heidelberg on this day. This was planned for weeks because I have never had the time to visit Heidelberg castle. Many people had told me that you have a very good overview of the historic city of Heidelberg.

We traveled about one hour with the train and the we walked up to the castle. It was just a short way from the train station, but arduous, very arduous. Nobody of the people, who walked the way up to the castle, did it without a break, because it was so hard. Only Eeendy made it without any rest.

The castle was really nice. And the most people there were Asian. Asians really like Heidelberg I think. I read in a magazine, that Heidelberg is one of the most popular cities in Germany for the Japanese people and that is really true, I saw it on this day with my own eyes. At the castle there was also a pharmacy museum, which we visited for free. It was very interesting, also if we hadn`t stayed there very long. The most impressive at the castle for me were the big wine barrels somewhere in a cellar. They were so big and I still can`t believe that these barrels were full of wine in the past.

After the visit of the Castle we went shopping in Heidelberg. I`ve found a very nice pink dress in the style of the 50es and also some other nice shirts for my job. Eeendy got also everything what he wanted: new jeans, new shirt, and new jacket. After shopping time we went to a japanese restaurant, which I have always seen in the pedestrian area, but never had been to. So I thought my birthday was a really good day to test the food there and I haven`t eat Japanese food for years (besides to sushi). The food at the MoschMosch (that was the name of the restaurant) was really delicious and I didn`t get my plate clean, so Eeendy had to eat the rest of my "Bärenstärke" (in English: Bear strength). Then we went to the next ice-cream palour and bought very tasty ice cream there. But we had finally forgotten the time, so we had to hurry to get the next train home. I was really thankful, that Eeendys legs are so powerful, because without him and his bodybuilding we didn`t catch the train, I think.

At the evening Calu and Bambi came to my house for celebrating a small warm-up party, because the Pop-trash party will be taking place at Eastern holidays, which means in one week. So, I will keep you posted to this event...:D

Photos of the trip to Heidelberg can be found here!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 15th, 2012|09:31 pm]
[Current Mood |enthralledenthralled]
[Current Music |Critical Mass-Burning Love]

Evolution, 10th March 2012 @ Zapata, Stuttgart
-South Germanys Biggest Hard Dance-Event-

On last Saturday night Eeendy and I went to Stuttgart for the event above. We didn`t know what we should expect about this event, because we haven`t heard anything before of the "Zapata" Club and in the past there weren`t any kind of this event yet, where Hardstyle/Hardcore was played. But after checking the line-up, we were sure we have to go there:

- HEADHUNTERZ (NL / DJMag #17 / Scantraxx)
- NOISECONTROLLERS (NL / DJMag #35 / Digital Age)
- A*S*Y*S

By first entering the club, we were really surprised, because the club had just one floor but a really big one. Not many people have been there at this time (it was already 21:00 pm; doors should open at 20:00 pm). Maybe this was because the first DJ, who had made the warm-up, really sucked. Just another one of those pussy djs playing Sunshine live trash and Dubstep/Drum n`Bass. Don`t get me wrong I have nothing against people listening to mainstream house-music or the new trend Dubstep/Drum n`Bass but I prefer oldschool rave music or the harder styles. Everybody should listen to what she/he wants. So because of the boring first DJ I really was frustrated, because I just like to dance to faster and more powerful music. Eeendy was really cheesed off, because he thought, as so often, that I didn`t like to go out with him to a rave-party. I really have to say, that the first times he wanted me to come with him to such a event I really didn`t want to, because before this time I didn`t like Hardstyle so much. But this event was more than we ever had expected…

The main show started with A*S*Y*S and D-LICIOUZ, who have booth done a really cool show for some newcomer DJs. I had really started dancing and felt like a real dancing-queen. On other events like Qlimax or Defqon 1 I hadn`t really the power dancing all time long and over my strength, because there were always so many people around, who run into you, if you are not so tall and not careful enough and of course you always have a way back home about 400-500 kilometers with the party bus. It really sucks and I always get sick because I want to live a little bit near to the Netherlands, so we wouldn`t have to travel so many hours just to party -___- But for sure we can`t change it and I`m really happy for every event, which is located in Southern Germany.

After the first two DJs we went to the toilet (which was a really beautiful toilet, but I`ve passed making photos, sry) and I met a guy, which came from Austria to Stuttgart just for seeing Headhunterz. He was a little bit officious, because he asked me some kind of stupid questions and I was really happy, when Eeendy came back to me. I always meet strange guys at rave-parties, which want to talk to me. That isn`t a problem for me, but it is often funny as hell, what some people wanting from me.

 Later while Noisecontrollers were playing we decided to sit down for awhile, because we had dance to much before. During we were sitting on the brink, a Hardcore-guy suspected Eeendy to throw something at him. That was really strange and I thought the guy had taken too much pills.

After the words “Please welcome…HEADHUNTERZ!!!” we walked straight through the DJ-Desk and we really get into the first line. It was not the center, but we really stand in front of Mr. Heady Heady Head. I`ve been never ever been in the first line except of my first Wacken in 2008, where I was standing in the first line Lordi was playing. So this was a really epic moment for me, also if my feet were so damaged by dancing Hakke. I just didn`t want to fall to sleep, so I kept on dancing again. And that was it worth, because at the end Headhunterz has shaking hands with us. He is so a cool and smart guy with a huge charisma and I don`t know how to describe this, if he is standing in front of you, you really have to smile.

Finally we absorb a little bit of the Hardcore-sound by ClockShock for our drive back home. At 5:00 am we fall into bed with a smile on our faces and the only thought, that this was a really really cool and fantastic party…

Official Videos of the Evolution can be found here:

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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2012|07:48 pm]
[Current Mood |ditzyditzy]
[Current Music |Sucker Punch OST-I want it all/We will rock you (Mash up)]

"Schwarze Nacht" March 2012
or checking out normal guys on a Goth Party?!

On a late Friday night, Calu (one of my oldest and currently my best friend), her boyfriend Bambi and me went to the only regional and monthly gothic party near our hometown, which is so called "Schwarze Nacht" (in eng.: Black Night). I`m going to this party since I`m 18 years old, when it has started in 2008. So, I know the most people there, who come regularly to this club/event hall. It is very private and familiar, but you can also see some new faces from time to time. Of course this Goth event can`t compare to the parties in bigger cities or a festival like the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, but the atmosphere there is very special and you often meet new people, for making friends. So, the first reasons for going there are for me, meeting my friends and have fun with them. Ok, but now let`s come back to the evening, I`d like to tell you about...

We came to the party around 23:00 o`clock and firstly met Dan and Julia, who are also some of my closest friends for three years now. After a few minutes and saying "hello" to the other visitors of the party, Dan came over me and used me to drink some Capitan Morgan with him, what was totally fun, because these long drinks were strong as hell and I hadn't drink alcohol for a while. So it didn`t took much time to feel the alcohol a little bit. Furthermore I talked to Julia and Dan and informed them about my birthday-party, which will be taken in April 2012 and planned with them what we could do for it. Dan was so cute and said, that he will make a CD with Songs for my "Pop trash-birthday", because I really like to listen to silly pop songs and singing/dancing to them.

A little bit later, some "normal-dressed" guys walked into the club and I said to Calu: "Hey, what they are doing here? I don`t think they like Goth music or industrial!". I have to say it doesn`t matter for me, what people are wearing on a gothic party, of course I also do not look soooo much like a gothic-girl or something. The style is not important, just the inside is the important part and I don`t want to say that I`m a kind of gothic. First of all I'm a human, who loves alternative clothes and the dark side of living. Should the people think what they are, maybe I`m a Goth or a Emo or something like that. It is not important what I`m for foreign people, it's essentially what my friends and my family think about me.

So at this evening I wanted to check out, what those guys wanted on such kind of party, because the last time I have been at the "Schwarze Nacht" in December 2011, some russian guys also came to me and said something like: "Oh what are doing here? You are a blonde, blonde girls can`t stay at a gothic night you have to dye your hair black..." etc. blablabla.. Well, this was some of the funniest comments I`ve heard about my style so far.

So, Calu and me looked at the dancing people in the middle of the club (next to this group of boys) and it doesn`t took long time, if one of those boys started to ask me something. But at the same moment the guy appealed to me, Calu said: "Oh, Streifi is over there. Come let`s talk to him and say "Hello"! I was like "Omg, what are you talking about? Who is Streifi?!" And I really got a laughing flash, while the guy wanted to talk to him. So, Calu catched me and we leaved the group of boys (they really looked pissed off, because of my laughing) for talking to "Streifi", a Middle-ages nerd and a chat partner of Calu. Oh it was so embarrassing for me. The perfect timing as always, when Calu and I are together, because this wasn`t the first time a guy appealed us and one of us had a laughing flash. But it was very nice to meet "Streifi", because he had so a nice fox fur-pocket on his belt. I really had to touch it, it felt so soft and smoothie.

The evening ended like the most evenings are ended at this party: with total craziness, what I`m addicted to *haha*. Dan was jagged, I was a little bit drunken and Calu was so happy that she went with me to the toilet room to practice "Glow Stick skipping". Yes, you read it, we put some glow sticks together and made a rope of it and then we skipped at the toilets.

Other Photos of the "Schwarze Nacht" at 3th March 2012 can be found on facebook:

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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2012|08:10 pm]
[Current Mood |creativecreative]

Hello everybody out there!

So this is my new Livejournal, to tell you what’s going on in my life and everything else, which could also be interesting for me and for you guys all over this planet.

I`ve using Livejournal since I`m 14 years old, but the blogs I`ve made weren`t very popular and often I wasn`t very satisfied with them, so I deleted them after a certain period of time. The currently account is now more than three years old, but I still hadn`t the time to write something here. But now I want to change that.

I decided to blog on Livejournal because I still like the design and the worldwide community. Also the data privacy was a reason for blogging at Livejournal (I didn`t heard something bad yet). Other blogging sites like blogger or blogspot are not so committed with the privacy of their users I think. In Germany data privacy is very important. Many social networks like facebook, myspace, etc. are criticized, because the data of the users is somewhere abroad on a server and nobody knows what will happen with your name, age, birthday or something like that. But the most people I know still have a facebook-account. I think that is okay, because you have to decide what you are showing to the world and you should not be so innocent and post everything what you do all day long in the internet.

Ok, that was a long post for the first time, but I would like to know from you what are you thinking about data privacy? Is this important in your country? Or don`t the people talk about such things were you live?

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